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Kilobush stretch tents are a radical innovation in the worldwide tenting and marquee industry.

The unique 100% waterproof, free-form, stretch fabric, enables spectacular transformations and reinvention of outdoor and indoor spaces.

Eye Catching

Our beautiful tents compliment the landscape for unencumbered views of your natural surroundings or create cozy atmospheres with a bohemian feel.


Kilobush stretch tents are 100% waterproof and will help you keep the rain and wind out.

All Shapes and Sizes

Our custom Expandable Modular Systems provide unique solutions to cover virtually any size space.


Create a living canvas by having your logo digitally printed on your tent.

Peace of mind

Punctual, well presented and professional staff will take care of your event from start to finish.


Kilobush stretch tents meet all International safety regulations. Our professional rigging staff are at your service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are stretch tents waterproof?

Kilobush stretch tents are 100% waterproof. Our fabric is finished with waterproof stretch coating and treated with a hydrophobic application. Furthermore we use an unrivalled dual process seam technology for extra seal and strength.

Do stretch tents meet fire safety standards?

Kilobush stretch tent fabric is FR (fire retardant) engineered.

Can we fit a stretch tent over trees, pools or other obstacles?

Absolutely. The essential nature and advantage of Kilobush Stretch Tents over typical rigid PVC membranes is its dynamic ability to fit into, over and around almost any obstacle.

How do stretch tents perform in windy conditions?

Kilobush stretch tents absorb and exhaust wind due to the 2-way stretch characteristic of our fabric. Under ideal conditions, this translates into maintaining structural integrity up to a Beaufort 8 wind scaling (up to 46 mph).

The method of installation and wind characteristic will however determine the tolerance of the tent in windy conditions. Stretch tents are not permanent structures, therefore caution is advised in extremely windy conditions.

Is it possible to brand a stretch tent?

Kilobush Stretch Tents can brand up to 1300mm (4.25 ft) x any length. We adopt a durable digital print method specifically engineered for Stretch Tent fabric printing.

Service areas

NY, PA, CT, MA. If you’re outside our service areas, we are happy to travel. Please go ahead with your quote request and a Kilobush representative will be in touch to discuss the details.

Kilobush is a stretch tent rental company based in New York. Our team of experienced stretch tent riggers and stylers are ready to bring your next event to life!