Do they come in different colors?
Sand, Platinum, White, Black and Red. Or we can make to order for high spec projects.

What are the maximum sizes?
Kilobush rental tents are made up to a maximum size of 1000 sq ft for handling purposes. However we can link tents to any size with a width of up to 65ft. Maximum free standing recommended height is 20ft, but stretch tents are often rigged on top of trussed structures, for example, to elevate them over 30ft above ground level.

What are the minimum sizes?
Our smallest tent is 60 sq ft (10x20ft). Our largest tent is a 6,600 sq ft modular link.

Are they waterproof?
Kilobush stretch tents are 100% waterproof. Our fabric is finished with waterproof stretch coating and further treated with a hydrophobic application. Furthermore we use an unrivaled dual process seam technology for extra seal and strength.

Do they meet fire safety standards?
Our fabric is FR engineered to meet International Standards including: British Standard, M2, German, California.

How do they perform in wind?
Kilobush custom stretch tents absorb and exhaust wind due to the 2-way stretch characteristic of our fabric. Under ideal conditions, this translates into maintaining structural integrity up to 50 miles/hour wind scaling. The method of installation and wind characteristic will however determine the tolerance of the tent in windy conditions. Stretch tents are not permanent structures, therefore caution is advised in extremely windy conditions. The great advantage is that the tents can be adjusted on site and hunkered down for more effective wind management.

Can we fit them over trees, pools other obstacles?
Yes. The essential nature and advantage of stretch tents over typical canvas or standard PVC membranes is its dynamic ability to fit into, over and around almost any obstacle without complex engineering.

Can you waterproof them against a building edge?
There are various rigging techniques that enable us to combat water penetration along a building edge.

Can they fix onto any surface?

How long is one rental period?
One day of client use, with some allowance for logistics.

How long does it take to erect them and demount them?
One hour to one day on site , depending on size and complexity of installation.

Can they be air conditioned?
Yes. We can fit sealing skirts and entrance curtains around a closed perimeter tent. This is a special requirement for large scale projects only.

Can they be heated?
Yes. Radiant space heaters are the industry standard.

What lighting should we use?
Our tents are ideal for lighting, the soft curves and textured fabric under finish provides the most wonderful lighting surfaces. Simple colored wash lighting and fairy lights are a good option. Beyond that you need to consult a lighting specialist.